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BIOTECONT Ltd. is a biotechnology SME based in Pecs, Hungary. It was founded in 2005 to develop proprietary zf models of human disease for preclinical drug discovery.  Biotecont is a pioneer in the field of drug candidates testing using zf (Danio rerio) embryos. It has a contract with Pecs University for development of research and has access to all the university facilities. The research group includes 9a Istvan Magyary (Biotecont CEO, expertise in zf phenotyping), 9b Dr. Peter Nemeth, 9c Dr. Peter Balogh 9d Dr. Gyorgy Szekeres (PhD, MD), the expertise of the latter three PIs is in the area of molecular pathology and development of treatment strategies in human disorders using animal models.
Training: Pecs University is one of the largest in Hungary and recognized nationally as the best for research and training programmes which includes TSRS and GTRS training courses. The group is currently training 15 PhD students.


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